Korniszon – new-old bike from the box under the bed xD

Soooo… Finally, after holding it semi-secret, in the box, under my bed for what seems like aaaaages – probably close to 2 years – after overcoming some technical difficulties connected to lack of tools and fear of brakes bleeding and in the end curing it by one week in the shed it is ALIVE 😀

Sleek, black, twitchy-nervous and plastic-fantastic Whyte Cornwall in size 57.



Officially the lightest, geared bike I ever had till this very day.

Probably on par with Stratos FG or even lighter.

First ride around local hills and yep, it goes like a stink…


Few PBs without even trying too hard xD

Not all rosy though :p Bars too narrow (Ritchey Venture MAX 460mm), feeling twitchy-nervous and all bumpy despite longer rear end (435mm vs 425mm in Plug).

But it is quick. And light. And apart of weird feeling of new bike feels very, very comfy…

Inevitable happening. Getting old and drifting towards Dark Side. Even started browsing roadie pedals and shoes. <gasp!!!>

Last but not least new-old bike and old-old bike, both resting in the back garden 😀


All associated pictures at: Korniszon new-old bike

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… and Bollocks :-/

… not that I wasn’t sorta expecting it as a not so remote possibility but none the less frustrating :-/



Both ends secured „professionally” with electric tape, now waiting for new fittings and bleed kit.

On the positive side, I will finally dive into the alien world of disc brakes bleeding.

Yeey… :-/


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Right tool for a job :D

Aaahhhh… That warm-fuzzy felling when you have right toll for a job.


Not long now…

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14mm allen and 6/9 flat spanner away xD

New Year, so, New Bike?

In the best spirit of N+1 secret under-the-bed project finally shaping nicely.

Almost there. Just 14mm allen key and 6/9 flat spanner away.


Thanks Sram and Campagnolo for using some silly, non-standard tooling sizes :-/

Next weekend will be mine xD

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Święta :D !!!


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Crimbo :D !!!


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PSA, how wide you want to go on your drops?

I’m rather lazy type and far from proliferating stuff on the internet.

But occasionally there is something that is just catching my attention so rapidly and deeply that I can’t resist 😀

… especially if that is correlating with my personal chase for wide as feck Dirt Drop Bars ]:->

Sometimes it is good to have free-loader in the same office, as when you are sweating your arse off to finish project or simply please your boss, he can find some interesting things on-line whilst idly browsing.

I believe it was first published on Radavist and made people talking. Quick jump into producer’s website ( Walmer Bar ) and you start feeling a bit dizzy.

In the most extreme version you have full 600mm on the hoods and whooping 750mm on the drops.

Definition of Wide Dirt Drop Bars has just been COMPLETELY re-defined xD

Additionally, someone, in the comment section of Radavist, quite casually dropped that ABSOLUTE Gem of a website: What Bars?

My head is now just „slightly” spinning…

Sure thing, they are not cheap by any means or measure but still much, much cheaper than full-on custom products of the likes of Oddity Bars/Black Sheep collaboration…

I can see some weird and wonderful things happening in the near future…




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Go home drivetrain, you had enough…


… and I was surprised that on yesterday ride drivetrain was somewhat skipping xD



Do note remember seeing jockey wheel ever being so worn out xD


Funnily enough bearing still running pretty smooth, not unlike SRAM original shitties :/

Oh, and add to that chain that somehow gained over 3 links of extra length despite me taking off joining split-link xD

Anybody in need of 11T sprocket? barely beaded in 😀


Go home drivetrain, you had enough…


Sadly also need to replace BB-5500 as it started to be a bit rattly…

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Red Pint Time, or What Would David Draiman do?

So… It is Red Pint Time again 🙂

You finished donating, moved into resting area and only realized that David Draiman just served you a tea 😀


High five to Martin, Disturbed vocalist lookalike and the coolest staff member of Sheffield Donor Centre EVER xD

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5-ka dla Marioli apdejt / update

No i wystartowaliśmy 🙂

And we are on 😀

Na fali moich wpisów Piątka dla Marioli Ludność odpowiedziała i mamy już Galerię

At the back of my post Fiver for Mariola (5-ka dla Marioli) People responded and we have Gallery

Wielkie dzięki dla Wszystkich zaangażowanych!!! Napierdzielajcie więcej i niech Galeria rośnie 😀

Massive THANKS for all involved!!! Keep them coming and may  Gallery grow 😀


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