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Because of over-sleep…

I was supposed to use good weather, favorable tide time and do some beach riding from Withernsea to Spurn Point Unfortunately I over slept 😦 So maybe some unfinished business with Dark Peak that could be finished? Why not 😀 – … Czytaj dalej

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Aldi Cycling Special Buy – week 2

I was always very skeptical in regards to so called Social Media Influence… … looks like I might have been mistaken all that time. Obviously someone at Aldi Towers decided that one bitchin’n’moaning  cyclist was more than they could stomach … Czytaj dalej

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Aldi Cycling Special Buy xD

This time of the year… School holiday at the end, Aldi is putting some cycling stuff into their shelves. … but I’m not too sure if that can go into Essential Accessories category… Especially that I was always told, cyclist … Czytaj dalej

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… if not Scotland it must be The Lakes…

… and yet again The Capital Trail must wait for my tyres to grace it… Poor Kaziu was forced to cancel the trip due to some urgent, personal commitments. Saturday morning seen me calling YHA in Ingleton – Hi Paul… Yes, … Czytaj dalej

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Nipples xD

So… You get to Planet-X to pick some stuff. Got your box and making your way out. And that mannequin is biding you farewell… Always preferred brass nipples, but might be actually persuaded into wooden 😀

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Nauka Pływania czyli Singlova 2017 (II Piknik Jednobiegowy w Polsce 23-25.06.17)

Rowery, niekoniecznie wodne i rzeka to słaba kombinacja… … chyba, że jest to Brda, Bydgoszcz i Singlova, czyli II Piknik Jednobiegowy w Kraju-Raju xD Na skrzydłach  Szkockiej Przygody, wespół-w-zespół, Komitet Organizacyjny w Składzie Rambola i Maciejasa, przy czym ten ostatni … Czytaj dalej

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Scottish Adventure and SSEC 2017 Evanton by Wspólny Wysiłek Produkszyn.

… Scottish gravel tracks dust is settling down, tan lines fading out on calves and necks, hormone levels getting back to normal… Scottish Road Trip with SSEC Evanton in the back ground is history now. And that’s the way it … Czytaj dalej

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