Whyte T129S Odd-Wheeler project.

I was neglecting my Wycior for last 9 or 10 months but not anymore 🙂

Finally had front wheel built and was able to make first try in flesh.

Of course I’ve done my homework before pondering a lot and, spending time with caliper, measuring tape, digging internet up-side-down after A2Cs, casing widths, stanchion spans and few other obscure things.

Today using shed reorganization as an excuse to put everything together for the first time.

Out (of already heavily moddied  T129s model) went previous wheels and forks and were replaced with following:

Forks: RS Bluto RCT3 120mm

Front wheel: DT BR710 rim, DT Competition silver spokes, DT brass nipples, Tune Fat King hub, Surly Nate 120TPI tyre, temporarily set-up on some odd 20″ mini-fat bike inner tube. Will be going tubeless.

Rear wheel: WTB i35 ASYM rim, DT Competition silver spokes, DT brass nipples, Hope Pro 4 12×142  hub, WTB 2.8 Trailblazer tyre – thanks again Buchar – set up ghetto tubeless, at the moment all dry no sealant.


And how does it looks like? Pretty bad-ass me think xD

Intention is to finish the build in month time and give it a bash in The Peaks.



Improved mud clearance.




Hi-Res pictures at: Whyte T129S Odd-Wheeler Project

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