Bald Gary aka Mr Plug’s retro treatment.

Enough is enough. Time to shake off January laziness. Good excuse arose together with new wheelset for Mr Plug.

Had silver hubset kicking around for ages. Mid January get hold on some Halo Aerowarrior rims – silver and purple to make it slightly more entertaining – and started digging for someone to build wheels for me.

God ‚ole STW brigade recommended me Tony Butterwoth Cycles in Sheffield. Under new management with Mike, wheel builder, having 20 years of spokes bending under his belt.

Dropped all stuff to their workshop Friday afternoon. No pressure as usual. Saturday noon-ish to my great joy call from Mike.

–  Your wheels are ready for collection, Sir…

WOW!!!! That was the quickest wheel building I ever had 😀 Big props guys!!!

Fast froward 2 weeks and finally found a moment to install these beauties to Mr Plug 😀



Married together with new asset, Planet X Gary Baldy, 700x32c tyres….


… they look the business xD


One fly in the ointment. Setting up tyres on Aerowarrior rim wasn’t the quickest and easiest job. Plenty of talcum used, a lot of squeezing and bending, still not sitting 100% straight. Hope they will settle down after some miles, if not might try a bit of washing up liquid magic.

Quick mudguards and brakes adjustment and here it is 🙂 In all it retro spanking-bling.


Days of FSA cranks are definitely numbered ]:-> Some nice silver seatpost/collar combo and maybe new stem…

If Mother (Bitch) Nature eventually decide that we already had enough torrential rains for the moment will give it a bash on my average commuting road and maybe on some climbs during the weekend.

And the most important, no more sneaking around on the downhills. Hope Pro 2 Evo machine gun is back in action 😀

Full set of pictures at: Pan Wtyczka – retro kuracja


In the meantime you might like to check on Tony Butterwoth Cycles website at:

Tony Butterworth Cycles Sheffield

or give them a shout at their Facebook page:

Tonny Butterworth Cycles FB



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