December throwback or Double Hen’s Teeth

Took a while, but I expected even longer.


Double Hen’s Teeth or December throwback 🙂


Ordered some time back end of last year in Art’s Cyclery . 2 factors that made me do that. 1. They were offering, cheap ground/sea freight that makes such a small shopping cost effective. You do not need to pay twice or triple merchandise value in shipment fee.

2. They were one of few that had it in ermmm… silver 🙂 Let’s agree that it is definitely more silver than black xD

Blackburn Outpost cargo cage


Theoretically it is available in UK, but few shops that have it in their offer leaves you with Out of Stock notice for months and months. It is also very rare in Europe, and if you find one it is always black as …. black 😀


Hoping to try it on Cat and Mr Plug’s new upgrade next weekend 🙂

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