GFBD Mersyeside Edition 5.12.15

… sand cleared from my ears, nose and arse, so time for few words 🙂

Global Fat Bike Day Merseyside Edition is history now…

Merciless 5 a.m. wake up call, chuck Cat into Strudel to be in Liverpool 7:45 for The Ride.

First time on the proper high tide beach on almost proper fat bike tyres.

When I made my way through the hart of Peak District, fighting strong wind and torrential rain I started to ask myself a question:

– „Why the heck am I going there instead of turning on the other side in my bed???”

Tough… No roundabouts, no  good places to turn back and runaway xD

Managed to get to the meeting point 10 minutes before time. Good thing that rain decided to change into occasional light showers and drizzle.

John, the organizer arrived promptly on time and together with Floyd we made out way to Crosby beach to meet more bikers. Floyd feeling very festive even done some Christmas lights on his Mukluk.


Again, precisely on time we started, as agreed 9:15 from carpark near beach and we moved to the sand.

My expectations were high, but what I found out beat my wildest and wettest dreams xD

Tail wind, monstrous and completely guiltless skids, mega traction and fun, fun, fun 😀

Despite  grey skies, perspective of battling heavy wind on the way back we were merrily flying along the beach to meet more fat bikers somewhere around Formby.


Dodging MoD firing range we moved into sand dunes area for some downhill action.


The most impressive crash of the day definitely goes to Mark:

Video courtesy of JohnClimber.

After that more beach riding or I should say flying on the wings of stormy wind.

The most unreal pics again thank to JohnClimber.


All of his pictures at: JohnClimber GFBD Merseyside 5.12.15

Then we had a little play session in the woods:


And then again through the sand and wind to Southport to have well earned cuppa and cake in bikers friendly MeCycle Cafe and Bike Workshop


High spirits were slightly damped by inevitable back to Liverpool ride, all against howling wind.

John decided to lead way back as sheltered as possible avoiding open beach as we did not wanted to be sand-blasted to the bone.

Grueling way back seen our 17 riders strong pack diminishing to 10 heads.

Highlight of the returning slog? Another play session in the woods 🙂

Total tally 44.6 miles and 7 and a half hours outdoors.

All thanks to THIS man 🙂


As well as the map of the trip.



My not so great photos at: Global Fat Bike Day Merseyside edition 5.12.15




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